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Counseling for Couples and Individuals
There comes a time when many of us need outside help with our relationships.  We may find ourselves in the same old fight, feeling the same bad feelings or having thoughts of ending the relationship.  Many of us can think of things in the relationship that, if they were only different, we would be much happier.  If you discover that the efforts you have made on your own to improve your relationship are not working, I know that I can help.  I can help you identify the patterns of behavior that cause disconnection, teach you skills to practice so you can relate differently - with love, compassion, understanding and empathy.  All of which lead to a greater sense of connection and intimacy: spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, physically, and sexually. 

My approach to therapy looks at past, present and future aspects of your life that are impacting the important relationships in your life: partner, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, work, physical health, sexuality and spirituality.  The goal of our work together is a greater awareness of self- in- relationship and sense of well-being.  

I primarily practice using Terry Real's Relational Life Therapy, and am affiliated with the Relational Life Institute.  This approach to therapy promotes relationship repair through holding people accountable for behaviors that damage the core of the relationship.  I also use the EMDR therapeutic model for processing and relieving stress caused by anxiety and trauma.  My therapeutic style is compassionately confrontative and directive.   

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Sarah Barrett, MSW LICSW
7200 France Ave. South, Suite 223
Edina, MN  55435

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